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10Listens Review: Beady Eye, ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’

My second review for 10Listens, added today:

Just over a minute into Beady Eye’s debut, Liam Gallagher addresses the elephant in the room: “Nothing ever lasts forever.” It’s hard for me to imagine that’s not mostly about his old band’s new situation. Beady Eye is technically just Oasis minus Noel Gallagher, but personalities aside, on paper that’s a huge loss – of a guitarist, sometime singer, and maybe most significantly, of the band’s principal songwriter. Comparisons between the groups are inevitable but needn’t be harped on, nor oversimplified to a dismissive degree. But by such comparisons, even owners of a morbid curiosity should be reasonably impressed by Beady Eye’s efforts here, readily acknowledging the flashes of excellence even if on the whole they’re only occasionally as pleased as before.

In a way, Beady Eye have found themselves in an enviable position. While their work might have been greatly anticipated, expectations might also have been lower than of, say, Noel’s next album, given his creativity. On my first listen, I found myself giving them almost too much credit for any degree of artistry, so long as they delivered the fundamentals, which they did: It didn’t take long for me to think that at the very least, these guys really just wanted to play some fun music, the music they might have grown up on. And for a portion of the record, they do just that. Continue reading ‘Beady Eye: Different Gear, Still Speeding’