Sunday Blues are only half as blue as the post-vacation, pre-workday Blues. These blues are more on the wavelength of phthalo blue, evermore than royal blue, let alone periwinkle. They are also the inbred bastard nephew-son of the Sunday Blues because they have all of which makes the Sunday blues blue — the darkness before the dawn — but not necessarily on a Sunday. It’s Tuesday and I’ve got the goddamn, no-good, very bad Sunday Blues.

Tuesday Blues don’t get their own name, and I’m thinking of but not actually erasing that phrase from the beginning of this run-on sentence because it shouldn’t actually exist anywhere. Tuesday Blues aren’t blue at all — the only thing about Tuesday that’s blue would be that since Wednesday is Hump Day, then Tuesday might be Foreplay Day, or something, and if Tuesday goes on unnecessarily, unexpectedly long, then there would be Tuesday Blueballs, but not actual, legitimiate, standalone Tuesday Blues. No complaints before impending, inevitable humping.

These blues are also NOT Tuesday Blues (at least the fourth time I didn’t want to type that phrase) because if and when I wake up myself in my apartment tomorrow, it’ll likely be Wednesday, which is only two days before Friday, which is only two days before Sunday, where you’d better fire up some John Hughes ’cause Family Guy’s over for the summer and I’m-a have to work Monday and start this whole circle of jerk over again.

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